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September 8, 2021

All across the world there were massive protests against medical tyranny and COVID vaccine passports this past week, but most of these are not being reported by the corporate media.

In Australia, people are reporting that the cell phones of truckers were blocked so that they could not communicate and take photos and videos of their nationwide strike, which is apparently still in effect. There have been videos of empty shelves in some grocery stores, but the corporate media is reporting that it has nothing to do with the trucker strike.

South Australia, however, did drop their COVID-19 vaccine mandate for truck drivers.

In France, the reports are that the demonstrations against the vaccine passports are getting larger and larger every weekend.

There were also massive protests in Brazil, allegedly against pharmaceutical companies.

We are also now seeing video clips of local protests in the U.S. One in New York City over the Labor Day weekend, and one in Waikiki, Hawaii.

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One thought on “Worldwide Protests Over Past Week the Corporate Media Won’t Report”
  1. Don’t forget Italy, where I live! There was just a protest a couple of days ago which got violent, because the police pushed back against the protesters. Of course the fake news portrays it as a handful of kooks. They mock the nuts who stupidly claim that the vax will render you infertile and/or kill you. Isn’t that just ridiculous?
    The fact is, a huge percentage of Italians are furious. Medical people quitting their jobs, teachers and professors quitting all at once, etc. Police in Rome have said publicly from day 1 that they will not enforce the Green Pass requirement in restaurants.
    Italians are incredible zombies, but this has woken up a LOT of them

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