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September 6, 2021

Filmmakers in Paris, France captured live protests, and interviews from the French Resistance, protesting the vaccine passports.

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3 thought on ““FIVE FREEDOMS” Paris Protests Against Vaccine Passports (video)”
  1. That revolutionary spirit the French has came from this country and it’s inspiring to see the European people rising up. But here in good ole American brain dead college students are chanting F#%k U Biden at college football games that they paid to go to and wear stupid paraphernalia fo a useless education institution that they will be indebted too for the rest of their lives via student loans.
    On the bright side here is that we still own personal guns and ammo and the cabal can’t force the jab on you yet. Nurses are leaving the hospitals in droves around the country,so prepare yourselves folks for an interesting Fall season.

    1. For what it may be worth it is notable that most the public universities in states that went for Biden in the 2020 election are mandating the Covax for staff and students, while those in red states are not. Looks as if the SEC will continue its college football dominance, provided there are teams in opposing conferences to play …

      1. Agreed and noted. But those same colleges in reds states that may hold out to the medical tyranny that the blue states are pushing will have students that are still using federal loans for colleges may have in the future to be vaxxed to receive federal or state funding for any in-state or out of state schooling. The slippery slope has begun. And don’t hold your breath on the social credit score matrix to be buried anytime soon.

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