‘It was a conspiracy’

Roe v. Wade The Movie

The Roe V. Wade film was released in early 2021 to limited notoriety, largely because its creation was attacked and stymied every step of the way. The story and timing are notable especially in light of the present court struggle over life and what has become a sacrament of the secular left.

The writer/director/actor in the new film documenting the conspiracies surrounding the landmark Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision talks about the movie and impact of abortion on people’s lives.

The protagonist of Loeb’s 2021 film centers on pro-abortion political advocate Bernard Nathanson, an atheist Jewish gynecologist who in 1996 converted to Roman Catholicism after presiding over 65,000 abortions that he eventually came to recognize as mass murder. When Nathanson was asked why he converted to Catholicism, he remarked that “no religion matches the special role for forgiveness that is afforded by the Catholic Church.”

Bernard Nathanson, The Silent Scream, 1984
Bernard Nathanson in the 1984 documentary, The Silent Scream.

Nathanson is featured in the 1984 film, The Silent Scream, which graphically depicts an abortion taking place via the then-new technological innovation of ultrasound scanning.

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