Following Portugal’s caution, Sweden is now banning entry of citizens from a country that boasts one of the highest vaccination rates in the West. This September 2 story has gone unreported by most corporate media, likely because it runs against the false narrative that rising COVID-19 diagnoses are being caused by the “unvaccinated.”

I24 News reports:

Sweden is banning entry for travelers from the United States, Israel and four other countries due to rising COVID-19 rates, according to Swedish media.

The temporary travel ban to the Scandinavian country goes into effect on September 6 and expires on October 31 unless extended.

Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and North Macedonia were also added to the travel ban list.

Interior Minister Mikael Damberg cited the sharp increases of coronavirus infections as the reason the countries were removed from the travel ban exemption, saying that despite Israel’s successful vaccination campaign, the country is still home to large groups of unvaccinated people that has allowed the outbreak to spread.

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