“The number of the beast …”?

On August 27 the World Health Organization released its vision of exactly how it believes the “digital documentation of COVID-19 status” should proceed henceforth. According to the wealth of information provided in a new publication sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the nation state of Kuwait, “Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates.”

The new “666” style labelling and monitoring system will be based on combined barcode and blockchain technologies to verify vax status–indeed, some of the same technologies that were patented in March 2020 and previous years by Gates himself. (The March 2020 patent, for example, is titled, “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data.”)

From the WHO ‘s press release:

The Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates is proposed as a mechanism by which a person’s COVID-19-related health data can be digitally documented via an electronic certificate. 

The certificate can be used in the same way as a paper-based vaccination record/card. That is to provide information to health care providers about the vaccination status of individuals, providing a basis for health workers to offer a subsequent dose and/or appropriate health services as appropriate. In some instances, vaccination cards are also used to facilitate international travel, for example in the case of yellow fever, where a vaccination certificate may be required by some countries as a condition of entry. 

Historically, paper-based vaccination records have presented many challenges – such as the possibility of losing or damaging the card, or even the possibility of fraud. The proposed digital solutions are designed to address these challenges. 

A vaccination certificate can be purely digital (for example stored in a smartphone application or on a cloud-based server) and replace the need for a paper card, or it can be a digital representation of the traditional paper-based record. The link between the paper record and the digital record can be established using a barcode, for example, printed on or affixed to the paper vaccination card. A digital certificate should never require individuals to have a smartphone or computer.

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