Among the first of what will likely be an avalanche of COVID-19 vaccination-related lawsuits over the next several years was filed in Hawaii earlier this month.

KITV in Hawaii reports:

On behalf of 1,200 first responders statewide, a group of attorneys announced Thursday it is filing a lawsuit against the state over its vaccination policy for government workers.

Hawaii Attorney Michael Green Files Class Action Lawsuit Says Vaccine Has Killed 45,000 People

The group argued the mandate violates workers’ constitutional rights and employers should not be able to decide how to grant exemptions for religion because it is a personal belief.

The lawyers also criticized Gov. David Ige and all four county mayors for not creating a uniform statewide plan — and claimed the governor did not give unions the opportunity to negotiate before the policy was announced.

“The knee-jerk reaction of our governor and our mayors has caused incredible concern with our unions,” attorney Michael Green said.

“Everyone that’s impacted by the fear that they’re going to lose their jobs. I think what’s going to happen also is that if you want to get unemployment, the employer’s going to come in and say, no, they were fired for cause.”

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2 thought on “Hawaii First Responders File Class Action Lawsuit Against State’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy”
  1. Lawyer Michael Green and his staff are all very courageous to take on this fight against the state of Hawaii. I am so proud of him for accepting this difficult task. May our Heavenly Father bless him with health and strength and safety.

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