Over $30 million raised to help those spurned by Biden administration

August 27, 2021

Nazarene Fund founder Glenn Beck announced that the charity has managed to airlift 5,100 Christians out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan over the last week, using the more than $30 million in funds donated by Beck’s radio show listeners.

Quick Facts

  • The Nazarene Fund works to rescue at-risk Christians in areas where they face threat of violent persecution.
  • The Christian charity has been coordinating private flights out of Afghanistan to rescue the nation’s already severely persecuted Christian community.
  • It expects to rescue 7,000 men, women, and children in total by the end of the week, which is likely a substantial portion of the entire Afghan Christian population.
  • Beck and his charitable organization Mercury One raised over $30 million for the efforts in just a few days after an urgent appeal to his radio listeners.

This week, as the eyes of the nation remain fixed on Afghanistan as tens of thousands of people clamor for the chance to evacuate the Taliban-controlled nation, private groups have stepped up to do what they can to help those most likely to be targeted by the new violent regime.

The Nazarene Fund, which was founded “to liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need,” was one such group, and their efforts have been breathtaking.

“While we slept,” Beck revealed in a social media post on Tuesday, “the Nazarene Fund was busy loading planes. This was the second planeload of Afghanistan Christian refugees leaving Kabul.”

In about a week, Beck’s charity Mercury One raised over $30 million for the efforts after Beck made an appeal on his radio show — to stunning results. Beck, who has been broadcasting reports from an undisclosed nation in the Middle East, went on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News on Thursday night to discuss the extraordinary rescue efforts.

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