“Let’s agree: We don’t want people to die.”

Turning her attention from soliciting pregnant women to endanger themselves and the children they’re carrying by receiving one or more deadly Covid-19 mRNA shots, “public health” maven Rochelle Welensky is once again directing the CDC’s armature toward the US Constitution.

From The Blaze

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky is restarting the agency’s discontinued gun violence research program, expanding the bureaucracy’s mission beyond controlling and preventing infectious disease to include studying what President Joe Biden has called a “gun violence public health epidemic.” 

In an interview with CNN published Friday, Walensky called gun violence a “serious public health threat” and said “something has to be done about this.” 

Like other gun control advocates such as Michael Bloomberg, who has bankrolled anti-Second Amendment astro-turf groups including “Everytown for Gun Safety,” Welensky’s apparent concern for child victims of mass shootings is contradicted by her strong advocacy for the murder of unborn children by way of abortion, not to mention their endangerment via the dangerous experimental Covax.

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