Aussies stripped of gun ownership in 1996

Sky News
August 24, 2021

Sky News Australia commentary on how the world perceives Australia’s COVID-19 police state.

It is notable how Sky News is owned by the same media mogul (Rupert Murdoch and family) who played a central role in uncritically propagating the horrific Port Arthur massacre, purportedly carried out by a 22-year-old man mental handicap.

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3 thought on “COVID Lockdown Lunacy: Australia Returns to Penal Colony Status (video)”
  1. Melbourne was a great city to visit and live in 28 years ago, but now I’ll have more freedom in Cuba or Haiti. Both countries I’ve been too. Once a penal colony always one.

  2. The Australian govt is giving the police incentives for their behavior AND they will lose their jobs if they don’t behave in this way. The govt receives THEIR incentives including control of their campaigns and assurance of their financial future from the bankers and other billionaires.

    Everyone, every worker, is controlled by top-down incentives & threats to lose their jobs. We must REVERSE THE INCENTIVES:

    Begin now to talk about the most equitable way to redistribute on a county-by-county basis the ill-gotten wealth that provides power to those billionaires who control the banks and the media. And the food supply and mining and medicine and education and all the largest corporations.

    There is no other way to change the power structure. So long as less than .01% control 99% of everything we cannot be free.
    The conversation about how we will do this REVERSES the incentives RIGHT NOW.

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