Discover the Traditional Latin Mass
August 15, 2021

After her husband dies, Kristine seeks refuge in Traditional Catholicism. An introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass with stunning visuals and an original score.

MASS OF THE AGES is a trilogy that explores the richness of the Traditional Latin Mass through stunning cinematography and inspiring stories. But it’s not just a beautiful. It’s also an investigation into the surprising events that led to the creation of the New Mass. MASS OF THE AGES will give you a deep appreciation for your Catholic faith.

Catholic faith shouldn’t feel ordinary. We feature the Mass like you’ve never seen it before, with insights from profound experts, and inspiring stories of traditional Catholics. The Mass of the Ages will surprise you.

Every Catholic knows about Vatican II, but very few know about what happened after Vatican II to construct the New Mass (the Novus Ordo). MASS OF THE AGES will reveal the surprising details about how the new Mass was created.

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