Censored by South Florida news media

Stew Peters
August 17, 2021

Attorney Kenneth W. Ferguson has e-filed a petition in the Southern District of Florida, asking a judge to order a temporary restraining order which would prevent the airline from mandating its 68,000 employees to be inoculated with the jabs proven to be dangerous, and potentially deadly.

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One thought on “Pilots File Suit Against United to Hald Vax Mandate”
  1. Thanks so much for posting this video. A couple of months ago there was this, in the Colorado news:


    And you may recall that British Air tweeted out that four of its pilots had died in the same week–people immediately realized it was because they’d got the shot. Charlie Ward (drcharlieward.com) said he’d heard off-the-record that the insurance company which had insured BA flights was refusing to continue to insure them; and that frantic BA execs were in urgent talks with the UK govt, asking for insurance. Haven’t heard how that played out.

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