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August 12, 2021

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7 thought on “Are United Nations Soldiers Setting Up “Compounds” on American Soil? (Video)”
  1. The Utah video is from a UN convention inside the Salt Palace in 2019. It was taken at the Salt Palace convention center while the UN was having a big meeting there and had rented the venue. While the venue is technicallly owned by Salt Lake City, whoever rents it has the same rights on the building as any other property renter in Utah, which makes it effectively the equivalent of private property during the duration of the building rental. Had this been a gun show or a car show or an outdoor equipment show or any of the other dozens of short-term renters of the property, they would have had the same rights to ask the person filming to turn off the camera. What was more appalling is the content of the meetings that was not allowed to be filmed. The UN doesn’t want to be filmed for good reason; they are basically of the Chinese Communist Party, only they think they are the ones in control.

  2. All I have to say is it’s Utah. A state that was technically given to the Mormons . Most of them are free masons and they absolutely despise Christians and everyday Americans. In my extensive travels thru America I have never met a non-Mormon who cared to associated with them on a equal par.
    Especially out west.
    Even their temple in Washington DC is very off limits to non-Mormons.
    My 12 plus years of working in DC ,with seven of it in Capitol Hill,I discovered that the alphabet agencies loves hiring them and all of the Officers Corp of the military is full with them.
    Unlike our dual citizenship Jews ,they hide themselves very well in public view.
    For those President Trump supporters why do you think he may have had them sing at his Inauguration?
    And don’t get me started on their thefts of artifacts from certain South American countries. And the well known child prostitution rings that they run nationwide.

  3. A few odd details I found researching Mormonism:
    I wondered why the well funded “Lion of Judah” (Sold as “Christian”) videos hide the fact they are Mormon, w/an easy to miss *Latter Day Saints” blip on the bottom of such ads.
    True Christians don’t hide their intentions – even their male dominance is on regular display, lol.

    On my book, people or organizations (the CDC, Joseph Smith) trying to hide their origins -can’t be trusted.
    Joseph Smith, (founder of Mormonism), was a Free Mason, who, in the end failed to convince the IRS that he didn’t owe taxes;
    He bled out in prison after being shot in an escape attempt.
    One of his many wives (a usual perk that should help confused humans spot cult leaders) said he died uttering, “Is there no help for the widow’s son?”

    This is odd, as it’s a Masonic distress signal, only to be used in dire emergencies, lest the user be drawn & quartered. If there were any Mormons present that day, they didn’t heed him.

    For a man who also re-wrote the King James Bible according to his own interpretation, (which is strictly banned in Revelation), he presumably stepped on some toes.
    One would think he’d call on a higher power, if he believed what he preached.

    Young adult Mormons are raised to be chaste, spend 2-years of their lives proselytizing sinful humans, and share the truly far-out stories of 11 golden plates, magic glasses, & an Egyptian hieroglyph-language, (none of which currently exist on earth or stand up to scientific scrutiny).
    Sad but funny- they inform newbies about this “Angel” who appeared to enlighten Mr. Smith of the urgent matter of a miss-lead church- an angel from a land called Moron.
    You can make this stuff up, but whole states falling for it’s veracity is along the lines of Scientology material.

    I’m a Jesus freak myself, but didn’t rely on purely scientific evidence before making that decision.
    As my buddy over at says, “stay vigilant,” people.
    Intelligence can’t save us from hell.

  4. Of couse we are. But of the ones who know, if we don’t have land, or a mountain cabin, not many people seem to know what to do about that.

    The video link is broken. I’m concerned we’re nearing total financial colapse w/the undertaker at the helm. (One printed stimulus pkg after another) & everyone pitted against their brother…& those who went even NEAR the Capitol were smeared on fake news, shot at, and Bank of America handed their purchase records over to the FBI.

    I see a ot of talk @Mormons here, but my comments on them were erased-another wasted afternoon.

    What I’d like to know @Mormons, is
    why their “Lion of Judah” videos hide the fact they’re Mormon, w/a tiny *Latter Day Saints” blip on the bottom.

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