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June 7, 2021

Rapper Tom MacDonald is once again topping the iTunes charts with an incredible music video slamming woke social justice warriors.

The stunning video for his new song “Snowflakes” also features popular right-wing political commentator Blaire White.

“I hear ’em preaching at a protest that hatred’s the problem, but hating straight men, white folks, and Christians is common. Coca Cola telling people they should be less white — they preaching tolerance but if you disagree, they fight,” MacDonald raps. “There’s a race war here, elections based on fear — Black lives only matter once every four years.”

“Snowflakes” reached #1 on the iTunes all-genre sales listing on Friday afternoon, beating out BTS’ “Butter (Cooler Remix).”

As of Monday evening, the video had been viewed 3,664,399 times.

MacDonald previously topped the charts with his video for “Fake Woke.”

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One thought on “Rapper Goes VIRAL for Anti-Woke “Snowflakes” Song (Video)”
  1. Honestly this song was very similar to “White power” bullshit media in the early 2000’s

    Everything said is a direct republican talking point; I bet they paid him quite the decent sum through some backwater means… If not, then he’s not very good at the business side of things. I will refrain from comment on the actual artistry/production of it….

    “Propane, gasoline”. Indeed sir.

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