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June 3, 2021

Dr. Fauci’s LEAKED Emails!!! | DOWNLOAD 3,234 Pages of His Leaked Emails …

Read 3,234 Pages of Dr. Fauci’s Leaked Emails –

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4 thought on “Fauci Lied. People Died. Pick a Side (video)”
  1. How can there be any specific and named disease if the cause is attributed to something no-one has yet isolated in the common dictionary sense of the term? In Orwellian Newspeak, isolated means still in the soup. If it was never isolated, meaning separated out of any milieu, and if Covid 19 is described as infection caused by this thing they call a virus, then we just don’t know what they are talking about. The world of science should have gone with Bechamp. That would have switched up the context enough to accommodate the discovery that bacteria change their character and appearance according to changes of environment. As a huge case of mistaken identity, “viruses”are found where bacteria are in distress and are derived from the bacteria and are not some opportunistic invader. They are also theorized to be human cell-made exosomes that relay information to other cell networks. It isn’t at all off topic to talk about bacteria in a discussion about misnomered viruses. When we enter the world of the submicroscopic, we have much opportunity for getting it wrong.
    Worth a look:

    Our liberty should not be made to depend on the outcome of debate about what is the true science. The outcome matters but isn’t the deciding factor, and we can go there as a matter of interesting subject. But we should realize that the bait has already been taken. Who among us doesn’t know that the entrenchment of tyrannical forces has gained tremendously by the central device of the mask and the compliance that is taught by wearing one. They are taken in by the ruse. About the hand washing and 6 feet of distance, few even noticed, they being window dressing for the central reason for the op, they being lessons in obedience and anonymity. The mask is so onerous and ostentatious, not only to those who were shamed or threatened into wearing one, then two, for it’s signal of abject compliance and servitude, but also the conditioning of getting used to anonymity. Perhaps it’s not so obvious how hostile public space has become. Ask the homeless if this is true and see if they live to be hidden from the cold unfriendly eyes of the general public. The mask wearing isn’t currently sustainable by any explanation, but many are still not willing to give them up. Those of us who did not wear the mask during the time of Covert 19 were shocked to the bone at the shear scale of mass capitulation. The character of the science that we’ve been inculcated with is not the science that is referred to in their odious lockdown arguments. I’ve long been of fan of science fiction and it’s natural juxtaposition to extant technology, but now technology has left the harbor of moral discipline and if transhumanism is fully embraced it will not be fun.

    Covid can’t even be called a disease. It can be thought of as a bin of general symptoms that could be applied to any number of health problems according to whim based on clever data manipulation. However, in no case does the problem name itself and the act of naming, psychologically and incrementally substantial-izes what could have been seen as a healing process into that of disease process. However it may be unconsciously done, the naming is an essential part of the contrivance of disease process. Diagnosis as a process to affix a name to a set of symptoms is normally ignored as a possible contributor to iatrogenesis. Otherwise the naturopath looks to what may be essential and missing in the diet, or avoiding toxins.

    Even the term symptom can be, in a context depleted milieu, uncertain as to whether they are a sign of disease or correction. Institutional Medicine tends to gravitate toward the single cause and single cure, though not yet fully achieved; toward the false definitude brought forth in the manner of authoritative certainty, that Covid 19 is caused be one particular virus. It’s my opinion that Covid, in spite of the fact that there are many ways for our enemies to kill us, is 100% fictitious. A propaganda op of scale beyond anything we’ve seen before. Not curable by hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or any drug or medicine, and beyond quarantine. It’s a cytokine storm of redherrings, misdirections, and false leads, and is a bin of general symptoms. Mostly because they’ve been busy for a very long time conditioning us to be the most gullible people in the Universe. It is unlikely they would use something forensically certain to expose them. Underestimating the capabilities of the enemy is all they need.

    1. Spot on Metatoast. It’s a massive psychological operation like 911 on a grand scale that have been in the making for year. An older video post by Prof. Tracey on Prof. Anthony Sutton explains some detail of this agenda but his older book “ How the Order Controls Education” gives a in-depth analysis of how Academia was on board with the debunked germ theory years ago. Hence why we’re at this stage in the continuous mind-rape of our planet.

  2. Ed,

    One needs only to search for this video on the search mains to get smacked by hi-tek censorship. As keys, using Prof. James Tracey on Prof. Anthony Sutton, Gigablast at least has returns for Prof. Tracy, the FAU fiasco, his lectures on Gladio style shootings, and his forensic teaching about Sandy Hook. The vid searches on Bing through duckduckgo produced a ton of irrelevancies. Evil Gugul through Startpage will suggest Top 10 Painfully Awkward Come Dine With Me Moments. Or Dallas under fire beckons Giorgy Poergy to toss him a gun and Giorgy rolls him a billiard ball. No, I made that last one up. Does anyone know how to get these Unintelligent Artificial Intelligent search engines to behave properly? Or will only a mass awakening return the internet to a censor free condition. But every one-at-at-time awakening will count. I’ve been at it for years and some of it is must be my own fault. This business of finding what you need when you need it, like that old Outer Limits episode, is or will be professionalized because freelance journalism will be strangled out of existence by an army of Tellitubbies and only insiders will know how to hack it.

  3. And the mind-rape continues. Have you ever wondered why on those SciFi and dystopian films the office, room or hide out of the resistance group or survivors always had a library or large collection of books ?

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