June 1, 2021

Many people now acknowledge that the CCP Virus could have come out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Some Republicans are sounding the alarm that the lab is still a threat.

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2 thought on “Paul and Pompeo: Wuhan Lab Still a Threat (video)”
  1. Well yeah, in my opinion this
    issue is still missing the point that viruses dont exist in the way we are told thus there is no need for a massive vaccination campaign.
    People like Dr. Buttar were talking about the gain of function work from day one of this covid scandal. It’s sad that leading politicians ‘on our side’ in certain ways are still caught up in this red herringish issue. Of course it’s important to understand how this type of viral research is connected say to vaccines, etc. but if the research still supports an idea that somebody ‘released’ a coronavirus that’s floating around and killing people then it’s still missing the most important information.
    I would personally agree with Dr. Cowan that understanding how the entire germ theory is false is the only way out of this situation, otherwise the same deadly mistakes will keep on being made.
    If massive numbers of people realized that the ‘pandemic’ narrative is completely wrong then the ridiculous vaxx, vaccine passport programs now ramping up would not be accepted.

    1. Well said Drew. As a old US Marines doc (Corpsman) and RN I’ve been screaming this since January of last year and Dr. Buttar was on a similar Army Medical unit that I was on with the Marines. But I didn’t buy the 5G connection as much as he and others did.
      And standard CBRN protocols for a biological airborne pathogen wasn’t declared by DOD for active duty personnel or related staff. Hence why less than 40% of active medical personnel has not taken the jab (it ain’t a vaccine) and don’t believe the official DOD reports of vaccinated personnel data.

      What the Hell is asymptomatic transmission of a airborne viral pathogen? No such thing exists.
      Dr. Cowan and Kaufman are correct.

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