Health and public school officials throughout the US intend to send “mobile vaccination clinics” to shoot up public school children with newly-introduced COVID19 vaccines.

Florida school officials maintain the vaccination remains voluntary.

WPBF Palm Beach reports:

Thursday evening, leaders of Palm Beach County school district are meeting with top health officials to discuss next year’s COVID-19 response plan.

At the top of the list is providing easy access for students to get vaccinated. 

Assistant superintendent, Jay Boggess said the district will never make the vaccine mandatory. 

“The idea is that you have it available to you, that’s a personal choice. Families will decide,” Bogess said. 

Such mobile vax units are already being sent to public schools in northern California, according to a May 17 report:

Various public opinion polls suggest that a large percentage of the US public remain undecided on whether to receive the COVID19 vaccine.

Tens of thousands of side effects, including death, have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System since the COVID19 vaccines’ introduction in late 2020.

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