Melanie Williams
Millions Against Medical Mandates

May 22, 2021

On Sunday, May 16, The Five Doctors gathered to continue the discussion regarding the transmission of “something” from an injected (vaccinated) person to those who have not been injected (unvaccinated). 

Join Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Dr. Lee Merritt as we discuss the long-standing plan for infertility vaccines and the deeply troubling approval of the Pfizer shot for 12- to 15-year-old children.

(Dr. Carrie Madej was unable to join due to a last-minute family emergency.) 

Don’t miss the first interview in this series. Watch “Could THEIR Shot Be Harming YOU”

Help us collect information on how the COVID shot is affecting women’s menstrual cycles. Visit to share your story.

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2 thought on “CRITICALLY THINKING w DrT and DrP – The 5 Doctors Discuss COVID Shots and Infertility”

    From Cassandra Casey, who forwarded this urgent email from a geneticist who runs a fertility clinic:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am writing because I am part of a physician and healthcare worker group, the Health Independence Alliance (, working to stop the unprecedented push on this shot into our germline population despite the lack of longitudinal data.

    We need help. We need all hands on deck. Regardless of if you’re in healthcare (all you counselors), or if you’re one of my fellow activists, we could use help. Regarding if this is causing fertility issues, I can— from the front lines of my fertility clinic—tell you our last staff meeting was about, “Why do we have so many miscarriages?”

    We’ve had “unexpected” IVF results as well, having all embryos arrest despite the patient being young and in otherwise good health, but it’s difficult to pinpoint them recently getting the shot as the problem, as we often lack longitudinal data in fertility clinics (IVF is expensive, so not many people do multiple rounds of it). There is a very concerning case out of Texas, however, with an egg donor where we do have the longitudinal data. She’s done four consecutive rounds of egg donation and then got the shots. Despite good fertility two, four and six months ago, this round saw all the embryos arrest; most of them at the point the cells for the placenta should have started to form. This exact concern has been brought forward by many (silenced) researchers—that the spike protein antibodies have many homologs in the body, including a protein in the placenta.

    Putting this shot into our young, germline population that is meant to carry humanity forward, when it is new tech never before used, and for which we lack longitudinal data, is unfathomable to me given the very low risk of this illness to the young. From the other data I have seen, fertility issues will be the least of our concerns with this shot moving forward.

    If you have had similar misgivings and are looking for a place to get involved to make a difference, we would love to have you join us.


    1. Thanks for the links and comment Amanda. As a former RN and old US Navy corpsman it infuriates me that thinking humans would do this to their bodies; especially women. I have two nieces 17 and 19 whom both got the jab (as I call it) and the 19 years old just got married and really wanted children.
      Her mother a MA really thinks that it’s a vaccine and C19 would have killed her or her aging mother in law.
      It saddens me of the future they will have. Maybe living on a commune doesn’t sound too bad these days.

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