July 13, 1996

Cast out of American academia four decades ago, E. Michael Jones, a no-fun, stick-in-the-mud traditional Catholic type, has established himself as one of the most prolific and influential authors of the present era. In this talk Jones discusses his expulsion, as well as the book Degenerate Moderns, an important critique of how the West’s most celebrated 20th Century intellectuals, including Margaret Mead and Sigmund Freud, were driven to produce their “studies” to personally justify their own sexual proclivities and indiscretions.

Especially hilarious (and very true, as detailed in Moderns) are Jones’ vivid recollections of his graduate school days at Temple University and the sycophancy young academics must exhibit to secure their mentors’ recommendations and accolades, thereby advancement in the university system

… And to think many still believe those at the top of the academic trash heap are there because of innate genius and novel ideas!

The fact that Jones doesn’t occupy a cushy endowed chair for his numerous contributions attests to the ideologically controlled and overall decrepit state of higher ed in the 21st century, particularly Catholic higher ed.

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  1. Excellent lecture and good questions as well. I truly appreciate the strong moral and intellectual foundation guiding this site, thank-you!

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