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May 18, 2021

Using the Capitol Breach of January 6, 2021 as their excuse, the Pentagon, under Secretary of Defense LLoyd Austin, has begun a purge of extremists in the military. To that end, Austin has hired fellow West Point graduate Bishop Garrison to head the Countering Extremism Working Group and develop the plan for the purge.

According to CNN, 14% of those arrested for the incursion on January 6 were military veterans. Not active duty, but veterans. LLoyd Austin is using this as an excuse to purge those currently serving and institute Critical Race Theory. He released a video to support his 60 Day Stand Down. In the video, Austin asked soldiers to recommit themselves to the oath they took when they were sworn in and to share with leadership any experiences they have had with extremism in the ranks.

Austin made this video and asked for the Stand Down in spite of the fact that no active duty military personnel were involved in the Capitol Hill riot. And, despite the fact that Admiral Charles Richard of Strategic Command and General James Dickinson of Space Command testified on April 20, 2021 that there are no white supremacists in their ranks. January 6 is just the excuse that Austin is using to implement Critical Race Theory in the military.

He has hired fellow West Point graduate Bishop Garrison to head the Countering Extremism Working Group and implement the purge of the military. The name Bishop is not a religious designation, but a family name. Garrison is a true believer in the 1619 Project and called out former Secretary of State (and fellow West Point graduate) Mike Pompeo for rejecting the 1619 Project:

I have never served, but I am the daughter of a late Marine NCO, the mother of an Army Major, and the aunt of two soldiers. My experience is that, from the shaving of heads to the same uniform to the weeks of training in basic or boot, these young men and women bond with each other regardless of race, color, or creed. They truly become brothers and sisters and members of a team. If they don’t, they get gone.

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