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April 28, 2021

Rebels, we have an absolute emergency on our hands. There is another pastor in Alberta who could potentially face jail time, just like Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church.

This pastor is known to you. Actually he’s known to the world. Pastor Art Pawlowski was our first Fight The Fines case, after he received lockdown tickets for feeding the homeless outside in Calgary, Alberta — something the police called an illegal gathering. Art continues to rack up tickets because he refuses to stop feeding the homeless. And he doesn’t wear a mask when he does it outside. Art also doesn’t limit his church services to 15 per cent of fire code capacity. The city hates him for it.

But Art’s got an excellent lawyer named Sarah Miller who is working for him at no cost to him through our Rebel News civil liberties initiative,

Today, we found Artur needs Sarah’s help now more than ever. Which means we need your help to pay for it all, so Art can continue his good works.

Friends, this is an absolute five-alarm fire and we need to Save Artur.

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