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2 thoughts on ““Here is the White Privilege I Have” – Fr. James Altman”

  1. Father Altman , Thank you for being a true example of a spiritual leader. If you were closer I would love to be a member of your flock. I’m in Ontario Canada and we are so oppressed. All our churches are closed and I rely on masses on youtube. That’s where I first heard you. Thank you for bringing me hope , Lynn Gibb

  2. Thank God for an honest human being and a priest. It is a satanic ritual of transition to cover your face. It comes with isolation and sanitation. Does that ring a bell for any archdiocese? It the Godless rules that have been in place all year. Two weeks to flatten the curve. Transition to yhe new world order lead by satanic people trying to eliminate the human race, religion and our way of life. Wake up!

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