March 17, 2021

Georgia authorities charged a man with the fatal shootings of eight people, including six Asian women, at Atlanta-area spas in crimes that heightened fears among Asian Americans already rattled by a rise in racial attacks since the start of the pandemic.

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3 thought on “Authorities investigate motive of GA spa shootings (Video)”
  1. And the false flags have begun! So this white,Christian male from a small town in Georgia buys a 9mm handgun the day of his alleged shooting of 7 Asian women and he had a sexual addiction too.
    You just can’t make this stuff up. And his parents helped catch him with GPS tracking.
    The script writers are getting better.

  2. Well, I know careful researchers will be compiling data and very cognizant of any potential holes, anomalies, etc. in the ‘official’ story with this. Taking the story at face value as a starting point is important IMO though… a horrible tragedy if true as described.
    To your points though EL, yeah no doubt the narrative checks agenda boxes so to speak. The whole asian hate phenomenon now checks the ‘racist Trump inspires his knuckle dragging followers with “China virus” statements’ box.
    No matter if these things are ‘organic’ or false flag, it’s all diabolical.

    1. Diabolical it is Drew. But sadly the average American by the beginning of the summer may be too afraid again to leave their houses because conservative white males with guns are pissed off that President Trump didn’t get elected again.
      And everyone else is a target.

      And 49 murders in 16 years is a national threat but black on black murders in inner cities are just ok.

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