Dr. Vernon Coleman
March 13, 2021

If you have been reading my articles for a while you will know that I never exaggerate. You will also know that for the last year my predictions, assessments and interpretations have been absolutely accurate.

Now, more than ever I need your help. Unless we work together we are doomed. I need your help because we need to reach millions with this article. And with the big platforms and the mainstream media having banned me I cannot reach those millions without you.

I believe this is the most important article you will ever read. You have to share it. You have to do nothing for the next few days but send this article to everyone you know or don’t know who has an email address. And send it to every journalist whose email address you can find. You can send it easily from www.vernoncoleman.org.

Do you remember that video in which Bill and Melinda Gates sat and smirked as they talked about how the next pandemic would make people sit up and take notice?

Well, I think I know what is going to happen. We all know that the evil elite, the Agenda 21 and Great Reset promoters, have all along intended to kill between 90% and 95% of the world’s population.

Sadly, I fear it is probably too late to save many of those who have had the vaccine. Millions are doomed and I fear that many will die when they next come into contact with the coronavirus.

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2 thought on “‘COVid-19 Vaccines Are WMDs’”
  1. Dr Vernon Coleman is a very wise and capable person. But he is seeing the problem from the standpoint of germ theory. If instead we realize that SARS-CoV-2 is exosomes, which are a natural part of our bodily defense system meant to rid our cells of toxins, then we do not have to worry about “the virus” per se at all, or “mutated viruses,” or pathogenic priming regarding contact with “the virus” in the future. Viruses aka exosomes are not communicable, and can only be transmitted by something like injection.

    Dr Geert Vanden Bossche’s statement and interview are useful in one sense, in that he is warning about the dangers of the “vaccine.” His main concern is that the “vaccine” will compete with and even overrun people’s immune systems, and that is a real threat. However, he sees this threat in terms of “mutant strains” and the problems a vaccinated person will have when being exposed in the future to a coronavirus of one of these strains. But if viruses are exosomes, and not communicable, then such discussions are nonsense. Dr Bossche’s statement has been given entirely too much airplay regarding his concerns over this “virus” and the pathogenic priming he says will result for those vaccinated.

    We do, however, need to worry about the “vaccines,” which are not vaccines at all but experimental gene therapy. In this, Drs Coleman and Bossche are correct. We also need to worry that “viral” material from the vaccines will be shed by those receiving them, and that this will likely be a danger to the rest of us. As to the end result, that remains to be seen.

  2. Excellent comment by Vivian Lee- (btw, Thank-you VL for your great work through the past few years on false flags, etc.) Could you expand on your last comment here that we should worry about those shedding ‘viral’ material from the vaccines? I don’t quite understand how that would work….

    Well, I appreciate Dr. Coleman’s sincerity, but as V. Lee is indicating, there is longstanding and crucial research that has uncovered the falsity of the entire germ theory paradigm. I think those of us who are interested should be aware of this line of thinking in order to best understand the complex issues involved. This should help us when figuring out how to resist this objectively diabolical vaccine rollout.

    Not sure if Dr. Coleman has thoroughly researched this area. A person might assume so but maybe not. He seems not to be in the same sphere as for instance, Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Amandha Vollmer, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Sally Fallon Morell of ‘The Contagion Myth’, Lester and Parker of ‘What Really Makes You Ill’, et al.

    IMO, for those not familiar with this research, Dr. Stefan Lanka, ‘Misinterpretation of Virus II…’ (narrated by Amandha Vollmer) might be a good place to start.

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