Marc Levin Show
March 11, 2021

FoxNews talk show host Marc Levin gets worked up over Joe Biden, because Biden takes credit for Donald Trump’s 2020 efforts to disburse hundreds of millions of doses of the experimental COVID19 vaccines to the US public. Meet the new boss …

Such pharmaceuticals are mass-distributed to “defeat” a virus that is less deadly than the flu, and the public become the guinea pigs, as European governments are coming to acknowledge.

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2 thought on “‘This Was the Most Disgusting Propagandistic Speech That a Demagogue Has Ever Given’”
  1. Thanks for posting this.
    Well yeah, I dont have a problem with Levin’s thesis “… most disgusting propagandistic speech that a demagogue has ever given.” That could be argued for sure… I was forced to watch Biden’s talk myself due to a work environment situation, but Levin’s apparent overall acceptance of the entire covid/ vaccine PR narrative is very… mainstream… so ‘left/ right’ paradigm.
    I assume many of the people who come to this site are far better informed than this fella, tho I’m not familiar with him other than this short segment.
    If I were a meme inventor I’d offer up ‘Quit mainstream media’… #QuitMSM

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