‘Daily Pass’ Will Integrate COVID Testing and Vaccination For All Minor Children

GSI Exchange/Los Angeles Unified School District
March 3, 2021

Microsoft Corporation and the Los Angeles Unified School District are rolling out a new electronic identification system called “Daily Pass” to track and routinize COVID19 testing and vaccination for all minor children enrolled in LAUSD schools.

A video providing a vivid overview of how the system works may be viewed here.

The video below describes how LAUSD parents can navigate “Daily Pass.”

Back in September LAUSD announced that they spent $150 million to institute the plan that will necessitate each student to obtain a “daily pass” in order to access classes at the taxpayer-funded institution.

Via GSI Exchange:

EDITOR NOTE: This video, presented by Microsoft, John Hopkins, and the LA Unified School District, gives us a glimpse into the dystopian future we may encounter once all of our documents are contained in one scannable code and we can track by QR. Scripted language often sounds artificial enough to make anyone wince. In addition to hearing the message’s propositional content, it’s hard not to notice how unnatural the whole thing looks and sounds. It’s even worse when it is artificiality “aestheticized” with the perfect pictures, perfect narratives, and perfect music. What’s happening in this video may have some benefit to schools, parents, and kids. But it’s also big data collection, surveillance, and recording. The animated scenario is so blatantly artificial (the “real” world doesn’t work this way) that it practically announces itself as propaganda. It paints a picture of a social order that’s so sunny and so clean, it makes the coercive aspect of institutional control appealing–that is, if you fall for it. We can expect government, finance, and big tech institutions to produce similar propaganda in the near future when they try to convince you of the benefits of abolishing cash for digital dollars. 

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