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March 3, 2021

Internal documents outline that the Biden administration is planning to integrate 117,000 migrant youths and children in 2021, an exponential increase on previous years.

The information, obtained by Axios, also indicates that shelter facilities are expected to be overrun this month, and that Biden will accelerate the release of migrants into the US to avoid worsening the crisis.

The information ‘leak’ is reported to really be part of a media campaign designed to deflect from liberal criticism over the resurgence of ‘kids in cages’ under Biden.

Administration officials are claiming they have no choice but to release undocumented migrants into the country.

Rob Law, the director of regulatory affairs and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies told Breitbart News that “This is exactly their intention — getting alien minors into the country.” 

Law notes there is a “level of coordination that seems to be going on right now” between US authorities and coyotes and cartels who bring the minors to the border under contracts with illegal parents inside the US.

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