Shalom World
November 2019

Meet Roy Schoeman, a former Professor at Harvard Business School, as he speaks about his acceptance of atheism when he went to university and how it dragged him into a pit of hopelessness. He shares how God personally intervened in his life in a miraculous way. Now working as a catholic speaker and inspiring thousands of believers and nonbelievers with his story, he has found the true meaning of life and the overflowing ocean of God’s Love.

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2 thought on “A Harvard Professor’s Conversion to Catholicism”
  1. This is great but we have a big problem, the Pope is a globalist who is pushing all the nefarious agendas. There have been bad popes in the past, the current one is awful. What do you think?

    1. You’re correct. He’s one of many bad Popes. The Church has been the target of such subversion for centuries. Like the post-November 2020 USA, the Catholic Church has arguably had two leaders since Feb 2013. The bona fide, Pope Benedict XVI, a consummate theological scholar from a linage of theologians, presently serves in exile. He appears to have been forced out and replaced by the present Jesuit imposter and UN/globalist puppet. There’s no way such forces could ever push for the global communist revolution now underway without a supportive Church.

      With this in mind it’s difficult to think of any human-led institution, religious or otherwise, that’s not subject to these types of problems. It’s by no means an infallible monolith. Only in the eyes of its detractors has it ever been perceived to make such promises.

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