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February 6, 2021

A divided Supreme Court late Friday night blocked California from imposing an outright ban on indoor church services during the pandemic, but the justices kept in place for the time being capacity limits and a ban on singing and chanting. 

In a decision with four separate interpretations, a majority of conservative justices ruled that while the court normally defers to elected officials on public health that Gov. Gavin’s Newsom’s outright ban on church gatherings defied the Constitution.

“The State’s  present  determination—that the  maximum  number  of  adherents  who  can  safely  worship in  the  most  cavernous  cathedral  is  zero—appears  to  reflect not expertise  or  discretion,  but instead  insufficient appreciation  or  consideration  of  the  interests  at  stake,” Chief Justice John Robert wrote in his partially concurring statement.

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