Doug Billings
The Right Side

February 5, 2021

A candid discussion of politics of the day and ways forward for patriots.
What’s next for President Trump?

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12 thought on “Interview with General Michael Flynn”
  1. Great interview but extremely hard to hear. Flynn refutes all the hyperbole of all these other people online spreading wishful thinking, not truth. I would take the word of Gen. Mike Flynn before others. I have walked in a similar path and can empathize. I would love to connect with the General and join the fight personally. Doug, feel free to reach out to me for a support path.

    1. Did you hear Flynn’s interview on 1/13? What happened between that Interview on 1/13 until this one 2/5? It is vastly different. The President must have made some bad decisions apparently or was not able to act. The information or evidence did not change, but the correct decisions had to be put into place. Why did he bother with the Executive Order from 9/18 to just neglect it and not use it?

  2. There is an indepth report of what happened under Rudy Juliano regarding researching the TRUTH about the theft of the election and the following bogus results. If the extensive report is correct and Blazing Press was given the report, Rudy Juliani did not perform in the way he could have to produce the irregularities and overseas hacking of the voting machines. A great deal was not addressed…it is tragic and illegal and continues to be a major coup de’tat that must be corrected !!!!

    1. What you are saying is Rudy missed the open opportunity to correctly produce evidence? Or he did not present evidence correctly? Also, I am not understanding how the case could rest entirely on Rudy? There were other attorneys involved,. The largest tragedies that failed to perform were at the judicial and legislative level, law enforcement, mainly the FBI, Intelligence, DOJ, they were absent as if nothing was occurring. Where is Pence in all of this?

  3. I don’t think you understand the depth and breadth of this coup of the u S of A. Just like Julius Caesar, Trump was stabbed in the back by all of those around him. Et tu Brute?

  4. Flynn is right, and most American #MAGA had already STOPPED giving a red cent to GOP who has now said they regret the voter fraud investigation!! To this DAY we have the UNELECTED DIMWIT Sniffing Communist playing President and the REAL American elected TRUMP out of the whitehouse!! This will NEVER be acceptable to 80% of AMERICA and if the Patriots had come for Congress or to remove/replace/arrest the tyrannical COUP KLan who certified a STOLEN election, it would have been successful and done.. It was NOT DONE because it was not Patriots plan nor are we on the violent side of evil/antifa/BLM thugs!

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