Donald Jeffries
January 30, 2021

We are in the most tyrannical climate that perhaps any country has ever seen. Especially any country that boasts of its greatness, while its huge military continues to intervene around the world, inflicting “freedom” by force. We don’t really know what life in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union was like.

Now, with the Social Justice Warriors in full charge of the government, the media, and the culture, their masks are being lowered. Not their face masks, of course. Those are apparently never coming off. There is no longer a pretense that those they disagree with have freedom of speech. Or the right to work, if someone objects strongly enough to something they’ve said or written. And now their thoughts may very well be prosecuted, as Orwell envisioned in “1984.”

Some guy may be going to prison for TEN years because he poked pretty good-natured fun at Taylor Swift in 2016. The most deluded of our new leaders, AOC (whose own brother admitted she was literally hired for the part when she answered a casting call for Congress), is among those claiming that the totally cucked, Stupid Party leaders are sympathetic to “White Supremacists,” and may in fact be “White Supremacists” themselves. Well, they are White.

Now octogenarian Nancy Pelosi is joining the call to investigate these dastardly Republicans, and root out any “domestic terrorists” in their midst. This group was largely in charge of both houses of Congress during Donald Trump’s first two years in office. They couldn’t even push through the least controversial of Trump’s proposals. They are about as far from being “White Supremacists” as Madonna is from being Mother Teresa. Or as far from the protesters who were waved into the Capitol by police, and proceeded to mostly take selfies, are from “insurrectionists.”

A number of Democratic “representatives” are demanding that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene be removed from Congress. In perfect identity politics fashion, they have thoroughly investigated her past social media posts, and found them to be objectionable. Now, keep in mind, they object to pretty much everything that might upset the tyrannical applecart they’re riding. One of Greene’s sins is to have allegedly promoted “conspiracy theories.”

To my friends in the JFK assassination research community, many of whom seem to support these onerous restrictions on free thought, I must remind you that, in the eyes of our “Woke” superiors, YOU are promoting “conspiracy theories” when you say that Oswald didn’t kill JFK. Remember the wise adage out of Germany during the Nazi regime that began: “First they came for the socialists, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a socialist.” I have to be more careful than ever with what I write, here, and elsewhere online. I must make it clear that I don’t support violence against anyone or anything. I’m for peace. And tolerance of others. I hate bullies, and corruption, and abuse of power.

I cling to the hope that the misguided adherents of identity politics discover the better angels of their natures. And realize that the law becomes meaningless if it’s politicized by emotion. And that no one has free speech if everyone doesn’t.

Donald Jeffries is the author of several books, including Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics (Skyhorse Publishing 2016). He blogs at Keeping it Unreal.

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