Pro-choice, ostensibly Catholic Biden attends Mass at JFK-chosen Georgetown parish

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January 29, 2021

Jenna Ellis on Biden’s Abortion Executive Order: “I think that Joe Biden is showing that he’s really not a genuine Catholic.”

Editor’s Note: Biden prides himself on being a faith-driven Irish Catholic and boasts of his relationship with Pontiff-Select Francis. Last Sunday January 24 the “Big Guy” and his globe-trotting, wheeling-dealing son Hunter attended Mass at Georgetown’s Holy Trinity Church, previously attended by JFK in the halcyon days before Vatican II’s implementation. Holy Trinity is run by Jesuits and fully supports CCP-linked Marxist Black Lives Matter revolutionaries who masquerade as civil rights activists.

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4 thought on “Former Senior Trump Admin Advisor Jenna Ellis on Biden Abortion Executive Order”
  1. Jenna Ellis is one of the main reasons Donald J. Trump is no longer President of the United States. Ms. Ellis needs to move on and remove herself from the spotlight. We know who she is and what she did (and didn’t do). Her time is past.

    1. Oh, really? Ms. Ellis was involved in Democrat election fraud???
      Because that, and the cowardice of elected officials and unelected judges who let it slide, is the ONLY reason lyin’
      Biden is where he is.

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