Franz Walker

January 26, 2021

A scientist from the United Kingdom has warned that the rollout of 5G networks around the globe should be halteduntil the technology’s safety has been tested and proven.

According to Professor John William Frank, an epidemiologist and physician at the University of Edinburgh, we should “err on the side of caution” by delaying any further rollout of 5G networks, “pending more conclusive research” on its safety.

Frank made his argument in a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

5G doubts fueled by scientific uncertainty

5G technology has been hailed by governments, as well as certain vested interests, as transformative, promising economic and lifestyle benefits through greatly boosting wireless and mobile connectivity.

Compared to previous-generation technologies, 5G has a higher transmitter density, meaning that it needs more transmitter masts over a given distance. This exposes more people to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields at levels that, Frank argues, could potentially be harmful to human health.

Four key areas of scientific uncertainty have fueled Frank’s concern.

A growing but far from comprehensive body of laboratory research indicating the biological potential of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields is among chief concerns, as well as a lack of clarity about precisely what technology is included in 5G.


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