“Sanctioning” officials means China can inflict financial pain on entities doing business with them

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton warns that Communist China’s decision to sanction 28 outgoing Trump administration officials (i.e. financially blackmail via blacklisting) is an ominous move, suggesting the problematic extent to which other government officials–especially Joe Biden, Biden family members, and his left-leaning administration–may be compromised to do the bidding of the authoritarian government.

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3 thought on “Communist China’s Sanctions Against US Gov’t Officials Portend Future Compromise”
  1. Are you guys for real? China is just paying the US back in the same currency. The US does sanctions like that ALL THE TIME. Why is it a shock when someone hits back?

    1. Is that in fact the case? The US enacts sanctions on individual officials, which is effectively blackmail? Even those apparently returning to private life–sanctions that impact their personal and financial lives, long after they’ve left office? I believe the senator is explaining an entirely different animal.

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