War Room
January 21, 2021

On an episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room entrepreneur and drug abuse survivor Mike Lindell explains how the organized left has led a sophisticated campaign to destroy his 2,500-employee strong My Pillow business–all because of his friendship with Donald Trump and efforts to closely examine the 2020 US Presidential Election.

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2 thought on ““My Pillow” Mike Lindell Explains How the Radical Left Is Attacking His Business”
  1. This is diabolical. Here is a man who made it out of addiction despite all odds and the Elite Left is pushing him down the stairwell down back into the abyss – because they don’t approve of his politics. That is what these liars do. The least we can do is to buy his book, “What Are The Odds” at mypillow.com. It is an act of resistance and faith to support the people that these demons go after. They are demons who manage to sleep very well. Those days are ending. Mr. Lindell’s pillow company will not be one of their trophies.

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