For several days following the 2020 US Presidential Election absorbed hundreds of thousands of visits and visitors, most of which originated from ISPs located in Communist China, a country with strict censorship policies that extend to the internet. The timing and intensity of this surge in visits is curious, suggesting some potential degree of coordination.

Given the coziness of the Biden family with Communist China one may conclude that the Chinese Communist Party and/or its client corporate entities had a great deal riding on the 2020 election, and were thus closely monitoring how the election and criticism/analysis thereof played out across the web.

Earlier this month Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe concluded that China in fact sought to influence the November election. The CIA in turn moved to suppress these findings.

In late 2016, in a harbinger of the Russia election meddling hoax that would plague the Trump administration for three years, MHB was among hundreds of websites and blogs swept up in a slipshod and dishonest “research” project called ProporNot. Publicity for this effort was spearheaded by the Washington Post.

The cryptic group purported to link the content of the sites in question, which included others such as GlobalResearch, Infowars, and WashingtonsBlog, with “Russian propaganda efforts” to influence that year’s election. While the organization’s website is still online, its 2016 “report” has since been taken down.

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