Was inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pre-recorded?

Simon Parkes
January 20, 2021

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4 thought on “Inauguration/Post-Inauguration Analysis – Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam”
  1. I would like notification of all videos of Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. I’ve tried to register for this but I still am not getting them and need to go in and do searches.

    1. I believe they both have YouTube channels, but would not be surprised if YouTube doesn’t interfere with notifications, as they do in communications/publications etc. of certain creators and subscribers. You may wish to create an account at BitChute and/or Rumble, and add these to your subscriptions. I believe there may be a small fee for Bitchute; Rumble is free.

  2. Listen, I want to believe this theory but, where is the video evidence with the inauguration ceremony playing at a different time??? Can anyone share a link!!!??

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