Charlie Ward and Mel K
January 19. 2021

Mel K discusses her recent encounters in the DC “Green Zone” and lead up to the 2021 US Presidential Inauguration.

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5 thought on “Mel K and Charlie Ward – 10 Days of Darkness (video)”
  1. Blah ! Blah ! Just two MI6 created stool pigeon saying nothing. Now all they need is that lizard people bloke and they got a trifecta.

  2. What happened today? Everything you said…every hope you gave us has now been destroyed? It is a betrayal. I expect it from the left. I didn’t expect it from our brothers and sisters in Christ. Do you know what you have done with your credibility? With your witness? It isn’t lost in me. What do you have to say for yourselves? How shameful. How disappointing.

    1. Good morning Barbara , I don’t know you personally and I hope you’re a real Christian American or whatever. But it seem that you’ve lost your faith in the God of Abraham ,Issac and Jacob.
      What’s happening now is spiritual warfare and God had a purpose for President Trump.
      1. Stop blindly trusting in men or women (Flesh & blood) they will always fail you.
      2. Prepare mentally for the worst to come ! (Force vaccination, limited basic freedom and food shortages and the likes.)
      3. Stand firm and own your God given rights. Don’t wear a mask , don’t social distance ,don’t accept the lies of others .

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