Simon Parkes
January 19, 2021

Political analyst Simon Parkes, who is among a handful of individuals pointing to an acute US political crisis that comes to a head on January 20, suggests how America may in fact have a formal military government installed over the next several days in lieu of a crime-hindered Biden regime incapable of fostering the allegiance of America’s military or law enforcement.

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4 thought on “A “Fake inauguration”?”
  1. Apologies to Mr. Parkes, but I saw no action today apart from a farewell address by Mr. Trump and a shrill, weepy Joe-ciopath arriving by private plane to no adoring crowds. Plus a militarized Capitol fit for a Nazi Party rally. No one will be brought to account but patriots forced to wear a scarlet T on their shirts. T for terrorist. And that will include veterans and active military, apparently, purged like the rest of us. Mr. Trump must have decided that he didn’t want a bloody Chinese invasion on his conscience. The bloody Chinese occupation will be bad enough. Farewell, Pres. Trump.

    1. As we know all too well, what is depicted and appears to us can be deceiving. There is a multitude of misdirection and disinformation coming from all over, os it’s difficult to know exactly what’s transpiring. And in addition, everyone needs a bit of “hopium” now and then. don’t you think?

      1. I agree, but let’s have the truth, not a delusion. Mike Adams has done a good job of including all the realms of possibility, positive and negative, for those of us who still value freedom. Some of the hopium peddlers play with people’s hearts and minds like a sociopathic two-timer. We need the plain truth now more than ever. But, as you imply, that may be the one thing that is eternally elusive in this reality game.

    2. I guess you didn’t see all the bloopers on Pedo Joe and headboard hoes inaugeration….teehee, ever hear of castle rock? You can’t make this sh!t up

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