Scott DeLarm*
January 12, 2021

Editor’s Note: In January 2013 Scott DeLarm reported to MHB his observations and photos from his visit to Newtown in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre event, which were published as “An Inquisitive Couple’s Visit to Newtown Connecticut.” Mr. Delarm presently lives in Texas with his spouse, who accompanied him to the January 6th rally and Capitol Building event.

I am confident that the event at the capital in DC on the 6th was a false flag event.  Here is why.

My partner and I traveled 1,300 miles for the rally.  We got into town early on the 6th.  We had no clue where to park.  There were people everywhere.  I was passing a one way street and saw some open parking about 3 vehicles down from the street I was on.  I ignored the one way sign and went the wrong way down the street, turned around and parked.

We walked to the rally at the White House from there.  Hundreds of thousands of folks were present.  It was a festival like atmosphere.  There was music, some folks smoking some weed and some consuming alcohol, yet nobody was rowdy. They were just having a good time, but folks were also there intent on having the elected officials hear their voice.

We avoided drinking anything or eating due to the extremely large crown and limited access to facilities.  I saw a guy who ominously brought along a rope that he brought in case any hangings were needed.  I saw lots of folks in body armor and many cannisters of pepper spray and many batons.  There was no trouble, though, and folks were generally in a good mood.

The timeline has value.  We arrived about 7:30AM and it was cold.  Therefore I was wearing two shirts, two knit caps, gloves, a scarf and a ski bib over my clothes.

About 12:45pm my partner and I were pretty tired of standing and fighting the crowd.  President Trump was speaking at this time.  He was droning on a bit, and I recall his saying we were going to the Capitol after, and that he was going with us.  We were ready to walk anyway, so we started heading over to the Capitol.

We left before he was done speaking, which means we also left before the hardcore Trump supporters and the vast majority of others left the President’s address.

It was at this time that we found ourselves walking alongside the shirtless dude with horns.  I thought about going and speaking to him, but I figured he must have been insane to be shirtless in this cold.  It also occurred to us that he most likely had just arrived as I just can’t imagine he was out in that cold all morning like that.

Viking Patriot Guy, January 6, 2021

As we continued to walk towards the capital we realized that our vehicle was literally parked within sight of the Capitol.  We heard a loud report and saw smoke rising from the Capitol steps which were about 300 yards or so in front of us.  Neither my partner nor I knew what it was and, because we had just basically just left a party, I thought someone had fireworks.

The point is, we were not alarmed and, importantly, the Capitol ‘storming’ had already started even though we didn’t know it.  Therefore, we decided to stop at our truck and hydrate, eat, rest and warm up a bit.

I was in the truck about 15 minutes when I decided to walk off and talk to some militia dudes who I could see standing nearby.  At this point someone ran by and said, “They are storming the Capitol.”

I ran to the truck to get my partner and together we headed to the Capitol.  There were thousands of folks and the mass of people from the rally were not there yet. Nevertheless, the stream of oncoming people seemed endless.

We could see people ahead of us waving others forward and yelling for them to come on.  There were regular reports from what I guess were concussion grenades; there was purple smoke that came from a cannister deployed by a ‘protestor’, and there was pepper spray regularly wafting through the air.

We continued forward and a very panicked man ran up to me and said, “They are shooting people up there!  There is blood all over the steps!”  Someone else said “They killed a young lady.  Shot her in the neck!”

This had the net effect of terrifying people and infuriating them just the same.  At the time I was also furious and I wanted to document the event. So we went further.

When we got to the steps there was a red, somewhat thick substance on the ground that I initially thought was blood.  Then we noticed nearby an empty plastic water bottle and this had residue of the red substance still in it. So it appears as if whatever the blood like fluid was came from the container.

We got all the way to the front by the multi-level scaffolding.  Folks were scaling these and climbing up the staircase rails.  I think the staircase was blocked somehow, but never could quite see how.  A ladder even showed up from somewhere and folks began using this as well.  It was pandemonium for sure.

I would have had to otherwise leave my partner behind, so this is as far as we went.  We could see people all the way up to the Capitol windows.  Many folks were climbing the scaffolding and bannister.

There was a preprinted and precut banner put on the top of the Capital off to one side.  I do not believe at all that this could have been done by a protestor.  Not at all.  It was windy so the banner twisted in the wind almost as soon as it went up, so I never could really read it clearly, but I believe it said “Never Consented to election treason” or something very close to this.  

I don’t believe anyone without prior access could have possibly measured for the banner, and I don’t believe anyone without current grounds access could have gotten it into place.  Also, whoever did it was rushed as they only affixed the top corners and not the bottom.

We saw many people pass us heading away from the Capitol building that appeared to have been maced and/or beaten.  Many.  We saw lots of folks in helmets with batons.  Still, no one was fighting that we could see.  People were singing the National Anthem, Amazing Grace, and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer.

We had no cell phone with us but after maybe about two hours folks around us were getting alerted through their phones that an emergency had been declared and a curfew had been implemented for 6pm.

Police in riot equipment were in front of us.  We could not proceed any closer.  We never thought to walk around to another entrance.

About 5:40 we walked to find a restroom.  I was outside waiting on my partner.  I watched some guys in fatigues set up a rudimentary triage.  They had cases of water and were treating folks who were sprayed or otherwise injured.

About this time I noticed a large contingent of police in riot helmets staging up about 40 yards away and pretty well out of most people’s sight.  I ran to tell everyone in the restroom that the riot police were about to take action in the immediate vicinity.  I found when I got through the door that people were standing and listening to someone’s phone carrying Trump’s announcement that people needed to go home.  I grabbed my partner and we left.

To my best recollection, this is just what happened.

Since then we have been very much on edge and on  extremely high alert.  This was a super dangerous situation.  Those very angry people represent a much larger body of angry people when you consider both the folks that wanted to come, but didn’t or couldn’t and the folks that went to other protests around the nation.  Taken together, you can see that there is a HUGE population of people that are probably even more angry than before, especially considering the alleged murder of an unarmed veteran named Ashli Babbitt at the hands of a policeman.

I never saw who was detonating concussion grenades and gas.  I never saw anyone shot or on a stretcher, nor any medical personnel.  Therefore, I just don’t know what really happened.

One very angry and armed man from California told me “If I have to come back here on the 20th, I’m bringing my .308 and lead.”  I think that the 6th was the beginning of a civil war.

*All photo images and videos, except “Viking Patriot Guy,” by Scott DeLarm/Copyright Scott DeLarm 2021.

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