Joe Hoft

January 14, 2021

President Trump’s Executive Order (EO) yesterday was sent to Speaker Pelosi while she was busy impeaching the President again on false and shoddy charges.  The EO appears directed at the Bidens, and any Americans working with the Chinese, to enhance the Chinese military.

EO 13959 Will Go Into Effect: Danielle, Charlie Ward & Simon Parkes discuss the reason for the executive order. “It is necessary for a global awakening … ” (Published January 11, 2021)

President Trump on Monday issued an Executive Order that prohibits US Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies.  Then yesterday the President sent an email directly to Speaker Pelosi regarding this same EO (#13959).  In his email the President shared that the EO includes the trade of public securities related to China but also derivatives related to these securities:


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