“We will be at your house!”

In what will likely be a common occurrence over the coming weeks and months, at an outdoor sidewalk press conference in midtown Manhattan this afternoon longtime Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was berated by an angry (and apparently Trump-supporting) protester, who condemned Schumer for being “a coward,” and “a socialist.”

The masked woman delayed the presser for several minutes, demanding Schumer answer questions about why he and other congressmen called law enforcement on Trump supporters on January 6th, but looked the other way during BLM and Antifa-backed protests throughout summer of 2020 in cities across the US.

When Schumer’s security attempted to get the woman to move along, she yelled, “Get your hands off me!” and “Six feet.”


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One thought on “Chuck Schumer Dressed Down By Protester at Tuesday Presser”
  1. I was watching that live when it happened, CNN and MSNBC cut away shortly after the ‘coward’ comment… of course. Did anyone else wonder why Schumer would be giving a press conference on the sidewalk in NYC during arguably the hottest political climate in this country in decades? Not from some highly protected area, just out there on the street where anything could happen. Maybe there’s some innocuous reason for it but yeah, seems odd. So much theater. Thanks for all your efforts here at MHB and for posting so much relevant material on the site, etc.

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