OKC Redux: Could a Single Vehicle Cause Such Destruction?

A Message to Trump?

Kurt Richard Haskell
December 26, 2020

Just a few thoughts on where things stand with the Nashville explosion:

1. The explosion appears to come from the sky. It looks like it was initiated via a DEW/missile/drone. I posted a video last night showing something coming from the sky one second before the detonation.

2. The rv doesn’t appear to be part of the detonation. I posted another video last night showing the rv isn’t in the proper position to be the source of the the blast. It’s possible it was also detonated, and there is a video where two detonations can be heard but it isn’t the main source of the detonation.

3. The evacuation warning from the rv provides us with some solid evidence. This shows that there was an attempt to minimize casualties. Thus, this isn’t what we would call a “normal” terrorist attack. Also, the recording seems very professionally done as if it were recorded by a government agency of some sort.

4. The explosion happened in a tourist area of Nashville. It’s an area with security cameras everywhere. We should have tons of video of the rv driving and its occupants in the rv or exiting the rv. We don’t. Instead we have a few grainy pictures that show nothing. There is an attempt being made to hide the identity of the rv occupants and to make people focus their time and attention on the rv. It’s a red herring.

5. The police put out a request for help in identifying the rv or its owner. We’ve seen misdirection like this with other false flag attacks. This is meant to finger the rv when the explosion source came from elsewhere.

6. A similar attack, with a much larger detonation took place in Beirut earlier this year. It was blamed on fertilizer exploding but there was also video of something from the sky causing the explosion there. Thus, the perpetrators are from the global cabal/NWO/black hats, whatever you want to call them.

7. The mayor of Nashville gave a bizarre statement yesterday that I posted. He knows the rv explosion is a cover story. He even makes a bizarre statement that the explosion might have been unnecessary. Nashville is a very liberal city and the mayor is anti-Trump. This statement seems to show he blames this explosion on Trump not conceding the election.

8. The rv was at the scene for five hours prior to the explosion. This was likely some sort of law enforcement electronic monitoring vehicle. Law enforcement must have been tipped off that an attack on The AT&T building might occur that night. When it became obvious that the attack could not be stopped, then the audio gunshots were played to wake people up. After two rounds of fake gunfire to wake people up, the audio evacuation warning was played. In my opinion, this was definitely a government type vehicle meant to monitor the situation to minimize casualties.

9. The building where this occurred is an AT&T building heavily fortified against explosions. It’s heavily fortified because it contains one of the NSA data collection centers.

In my opinion, this was likely a DEW weapon of the international cabal that attacked the NSA communications. It was either meant to knock out NSA activities to stop its monitoring for awhile or it was a warning to Trump to stop what he doing or the US power grid/communications will be taken down by DEW weapons. The entire building could have been detonated but it wasn’t. This wasn’t an attempt to cripple US communications but was a smaller targeted event.

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