Joshua Rhett Miller
New York Post

(November 11, 2020)

Wallet? Check. Water? Check. COVID-19 test?

The pre-concert checklist for music fans is about to get more complicated, as Ticketmaster is planning to check the coronavirus vaccination status of concert-goers prior to shows once a treatment is approved, Billboard reported Wednesday.

The ticketing giant plans to have customers use their cellphones to verify their inoculation or whether they’ve tested negative for the virus within a 24- to 72-hour window, according to the exclusive report.

The plan, which is still being ironed out, will utilize three separate components, including the California-based company’s digital ticketing app, third-party health information firms like CLEAR Health Pass and testing/vaccination distributors like Labcorp or CVS Minute Clinic.


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3 thought on “Ticketmaster exploring negative COVID-19 test or vaccination to attend concerts”
  1. Welcome back Prof. Tracy.
    And who is surprised at this rubbish. I personally know folks who will donate their DNA just to go a concert again, regardless of our freedoms being taken away.
    Mindless idiots.

    1. Welcome back to you as well!

      Are these the same individuals wearing masks while driving, with the windows rolled up? This appears to be an early beta test, with more on the way in short order.

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