SkyNews Australia
(November 9, 2020)

SkyNews Australia’s Alan Jones on US news media’s censorship of 2020 Election.

Powerful interests are censoring the reporting of aspects of the US presidential election and are preventing a worldwide audience from hearing important information relating to voting in America says Sky News host Alan Jones.

Mr Jones said on some media platforms “nothing negative” pertaining to Joe Biden is to be said or reported.

In the fallout of the US presidential election, Facebook is hitting media outlets with warnings relating to misinformation on commentary of alleged voted fraud.

Publishers are being threatened their pages may be banned if repeated offences take place.

Mr Jones said Joe Biden is being protected by the media.

“Biden cannot prove the Russian allegations, but the media let them run”.

Mr Jones spoke of the numerous swing states which had placed President Trump ahead on election night, but then turned in favour of Mr Biden the following morning as mail-in ballots were received.

“When critics assert that Biden’s comeback was driven by the late counting of hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes, some in ‘clusters,’ all for Biden and not a single vote for Trump, and mostly in key swing states, the Biden apologists everywhere say, ‘where is the evidence’”.

Mr Jones said these mail-in votes “transform the result”.

“It is extraordinary to believe that for a bloke who showed, during the campaign, that sometimes he didn’t know where he was or against whom he was competing, he has gained 75 million votes.

“When everywhere else in the Senate, in the House of Representatives and in the Governorships of the 50 States, Trump and his team prevailed.

“Aren’t American voters entitled to an explanation?”

“Perhaps only history will be able to record how such a man became president.”

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