Douglas Ernst
Washington Times

(November 6, 2020)

Newt Gingrich says President Trump and all Americans face an existential crisis on par with the nation’s darkest days seen by George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

The former U.S. House speaker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday evening that election turmoil and claims of widespread fraud have left him more upset than he’s ever been in 62 years of political life.

“This is not about Donald Trump,” he said. “This is about the American people. Do the American people have the right in an honest election, with honest legitimate ballots, to pick their leader, or are we just sheep dominated by the high-tech businesses, the news media, and the various political machines? And are we supposed to surrender? So, I think this is a crisis in the American system comparable to Washington on Christmas Eve or comparable to Lincoln at Gettysburg. This is a genuine, deep crisis of our survival.”


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