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The religio-ethnic identity-based protest underlying today’s “cancel culture” phenomenon assailing education institutions has been in existence for millenia. It was the identical tactic used to secure the most well-known and revered public execution of all time.

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3 thought on “The Culture of Complaint (Video)”
  1. Thank-you again Mr. Tracy, your bravery is much appreciated. Thanks to informational efforts like yours and the pressure of an increasingly dire world situation, I believe that these issues will continue to become more widely understood. Despite the propaganda and seemingly stronger position of elite rulers, the balance will shift. Ultimately, life trumps death doesn’t it? Just because they’re pedal to the metal at the moment doesn’t mean that diversionary tactics like name calling and coercion are going to work in the end. People should just realize that their own internal recognition of common sense in this situation is strong because it’s objectively true. That truth should be apparent when facts are respectfully presented. Hopefully people will catch on, it’s just too bad humanity has to go through this problem for millennia with all its attendant pain and suffering….

    1. You’re most welcome. Thank you for your insights.

      The fact that the pace has been dramatically picked up over the past several years, as you note, in my view makes the nonsense even more apparent to the
      broader public than ever. The “COVID19 pandemic” is over-the-top enough for many to stand up and take notice, who would have otherwise never caught on
      what’s afoot.

  2. Have you considered expatriating from both the municipal gov. And territorial gov? The municipal was overseen by the pope , who surrendered it on nov 5 after chapter 11 bankruptcy , only the territorial gov exists right now . The United States inc a n the United States of America inc started the bankruptcy process in March . Funny when the virus hit the u. S. Timing was nearly perfect. For in depth info please see , or Or Feel free to use search box and videos

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