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‘Anti-fascism’ cannot escape the historical atonement of Communism’s pre-World War democide of 20 million Christians. The communist revolutionary narrative playing out in the US today by way of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and ultimately their wealthy benefactors, has taken place numerous times throughout the world over the past two centuries. In most every instance the plan for wide scale political and social destabilization uses an aggrieved minority to inflict terror and destruction against established social, economic and political majorities and ways of life. Along these lines Russia and China’s communist revolutions resulted in wide scale religious persecution of Christians. After several months of destabilization and the approaching presidential election the US may be dangerously on the brink of civil war.

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5 thought on “Bolshevik Lives Matter (Video)”
  1. Trump will masterstroke destroy the left with a pardon of Julian Assange, Edward Snowdon and many others. Imagine if Trump got on TV and offered $100,000 reward for anyone able to prove who was behind paying for pallets of bricks being delivered far and wide. And another reward for anyone providing evidence of who is paying for hotels, transportation and meals for the same BLM hood posse to magically appear in one violent protest after another

  2. I’m just fucking pissed you didn’t share this type of wisdom with us when I was a student in your class in the early 2000s. Instead you used words and phrases most of us couldn’t understand so everyone was like wtf is he talking about after class? Wish you would’ve pitched it where we could hit it and drop some based facts on our pea brains.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Most college level “educators” won’t touch this subject matter. Such words and phrases are arguably substitutes for insight. Professors are as susceptible to peer pressure and conformity as grade schoolers. If they develop enough independence of thought to think and speak “outside-the-box,” guess what happens …

      One spends many years in undergrad, then graduate school studying, and only if they’re lucky do they eventually realize that much of what they’ve absorbed via US higher education is a Big Lie.

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