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4 thought on “The Tyranny of the Mask”
  1. What is amazing is that we’re supposed to believe the same Luciferians who write depopulation decrees are now standing up in defense of our collective health.

    Never mind that when someone is sick, it emanates from every pore. Not just the mouth. It’s on the skin, hair, clothes, shoes… masks will do nothing to stop the spread of disease.

    And if the vaccines are effective, why does everyone have to get them?

    1. If one follows what passes for the logic of Bill Gates and his associates such as the WHO, there is the view that the majority of the people’s intellect and ultimately their spirit can be brought to heel via abundant material wealth.

      1. Speaking of the Gates of Hell, when the larger picture is brought into consideration, through finance means most power worldwide has been grabbed up. The entire “weather modification” apparatus has long been funded by the same nefarious foundation. It is everywhere. A pie chart of the foundation’s recipients reads as a corporate giants’ who’s who. The evil beast is even on the board of directors for Acme Bricks, the kind piled up conveniently during all the hoax race riots of late. What has been amassed is an international power structure. A finger in every pie. Particularly international “health” entities. When we read in Rev. 13 about power/control being given to the beast over all nations, that vacuum has been filled by the notorious foundation. If the son of Hell himself is not going to be the beast, the throne is in place. For those awaiting an apocalypse, we’re right on the cusp. The power has been amassed. “Corona Virus” reads like an inside joke among the elite. Corona = crown in Spanish. It is the crown/power that is spreading like a virus worldwide. Healthcare so-called will certainly be the pretext for an identifying marker of those who belong to the beast.

        1. There certainly are elite linkages throughout corporate and philanthropic boards of directors. There used to be a website, I believe theyrule.net, illustrating this, but it is apparently no longer available.

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