60 Minutes
CBS News

(December 1, 2019)

To grasp the phenomenal scale of YouTube: consider that people spend 1 billion hours watching videos on it, every day. It is the most used social network in the U.S. More queries are typed into the website’s search bar than anywhere online except Google, which owns YouTube.

But the site has come under increasing scrutiny, accused of propagating white supremacy, peddling conspiracies and profiting from it all. They recently agreed to pay a record $170 million dollars to settle allegations that they targeted children with ads. YouTube is being forced to concentrate on cleansing the site.

We visited the company’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, to meet Susan Wojcicki, the 51-year-old CEO in charge of nurturing the site’s creativity, taming the hate and handling the chaos.


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One thought on “CBS News Targets YouTube, Only More Censorship Will “tame the Hate””
  1. “YouTube is being forced to concentrate on cleansing the site.”

    I’d suggest that we pay close attention to this strategy, which I assume is deliberate. They deliberately create a problem, then are “forced” to do something about it … and the “something about it” involves going after the real purveyors of true news on YT.

    Two years ago, genuine journalists in the alt-news world (see link below) were bringing attention to the fact that YT contained scores of vids showing actual porn that were being deceptively marketed for children. (Do you want your 4-yr-old watching Spiderman having sex, e.g.?) Nobody seems to have given a damn until now, when we have FISA revelations and Durham’s report coming out soon. How convenient their timing is…


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