This week Angela Merkel, a German-Polish Marxist who has served as the Federal Republic of Germany’s chancellor since 2005, warned against the “propagation of hate”, cautioning those who may tend to speak their minds, that freedom of speech is not “for free.'”

Echoing the rhetoric of a public relations campaign underway throughout the West against “hate speech,” Merkels’ comments came in an address to the German Parliament on November 27.

Merkel came under fire in 2016 for agreeing with Turkish President Erdoğan to prosecute a German comedian for publicly reciting a poem satirizing Recep Erdoğan in a performance that sought to illustrate the limits of free speech in Germany.

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3 thought on “German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Free Speech Not “For Free””
  1. Yep… Nothing new here. What do anyone expect from a ——- in her crimson harlot dress. And the mental rape of the German people and the world continues.

  2. I guess this is logically what happens when “hate” becomes illegal, right? You get a totalitarian like Merkel dragging you off to prison because she doesn’t like what you said. It never seems to occur to anybody that she “hates” the arrested people in return, though!

    When will American college students finally wake up and realize that THIS is what you get when you “ban hate speech”?

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